More Developments on Micro-Captives

As of this writing, the taxpayers in the Avrahami case are planning to file both a Motion for Reconsideration (to correct factual errors) and an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Litigation counsel believes there are several grounds for appeal.

Separately, Heritor Management is retaining an independent actuary to peer-review the actuarial model used by ACR Solutions Group for Clark & Gentry clients. The review will be completed in 2017. This will be the fourth review of ACR Solutions Group’s approach to modeling our clients’ risk. We expect only minor comments, as has been the case in the past.

Heritor Management is also analyzing all policies drafted by Clark & Gentry and currently in effect to determine the diversity of risk insured by each. This information will lend additional support to the risk distribution achieved by Clark & Gentry clients, in the event it is challenged.

We have uploaded 2016 policies through the OneDrive file share system. However, because many clients have had trouble accessing these documents, we will be emailing them to all clients. If you haven’t received your documents by September 5 (close of business) please let us know.

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